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If you are interested in purchasing the rights to a photo from the Elvis Presley collection, you will need to provide comprehensive information about how the photo will be used. When completing the form at checkout, make sure to include all relevant information, including details such as the intended production quantity and distribution, the size the photo will appear in the finished piece, whether it will be used alone or with other photos, etc. Before we can quote a fee or approve the usage, we must have a clear understanding of how the photo will be used.

Because we have the unique responsibility to preserve the name, image and likeness of Elvis Presley, we do reserve the right to deny permission for any request. However, we will try our best to accommodate requests where Elvis will be portrayed in an appropriate and tasteful manner.

Elvis Prints or Posters


If you're looking for photos for non-commercial use, such as for personal collections or wall decor, please check with our partner at www.elvisprints.exposuremanager.com/ for a great selection of Elvis prints and posters for your home or office.

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